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Industrial electrical equipment automation 


About us

      Elektro Vilks Ltd. was founded in 2008. We are engaged in automation, programming of industrial equipment, assembly of control and power splitters, lightning protection and electrical installation. Our clients are woodworking enterprises, agricultural producers, metalworking enterprises, manufacturers of various equipment and companies using feeding systems, equipment for drying and storing grain, a waste sorting complex, a biofuel boiler and other users of production equipment.

Industrial equipment and electrical equipment:
- Programming - Siemens, Rockwell Allen-Bradley
- Building
- Restructuring
- Maintenance
- Service


Our works

Designing automation of waste sorting, installation and programming.

Automation of biofuel boilers and auxiliary equipment for new and used boilers from 1 to 9 MW. We have developed automation for more than 30 boilers. The projects were implemented in Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Sweden, Denmark, Poland.

Design, installation and programming of automation of woodworking processes.

Design and installation of automation for the storage, drying and transportation of grain.

Design, programming and installation of metalworking and other industrial equipment.


Contact information

Ltd. "Elektro Vilks"

Phone: +371 220 77 950



Reg.No: 44103053784

Office: Priekuļi, Dārza 13, 

Priekuļu p., Priekuļu n., LV-4126

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We provide our customers with a round-the-clock service that is conducted by our professional and strong team. A wide range of spare parts and assembly materials at our warehouse allows you to perform all the work in the shortest possible time.

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